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About Pho Vien

Loved and cherished by not only the Vietnamese but also many others around the world, Pho has found its way into our everyday healthy menus and remained an indispensable component of our well-balanced diets. That hearty, comforting and notably tasty Vietnamese soup dish with its nutritious ingredients and high protein content comes with an array of health benefits. The rich and complex bone marrow broth simmered for many hours promotes joint health, the ginger helps reduce inflammation, while the herbs and vegetables pack numerous nutrients and potent anti-inflammatory compounds.

In 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, in Australia, PhoVien was born. As a proud product of Madame Ky Restaurant (Canterbury, NSW), it was brought to life with our mission of bringing the most affordable, convenient, and delicious option of Pho to everyone’s doorstep around the world, making the enjoyment of Pho possible whenever you like and wherever you are.

Our Frozen Pho

Our Frozen Pho is the first instant restaurant-quality Pho in the world, with the bone marrow broth simmered and condensed for a minimum of 10 hours before being packed with rice noodles, meat, onion, and shallot, then snap-frozen for your utmost convenience in preservation and consumption.

Craving for Pho while at work? Or in the middle of the night? Crave no more. Within 6.5 minutes, you can have the most satisfying Pho any time, any place, with no compromise on quality. A must-have for Pho-lovers and modern gourmets, our Frozen Pho is now available at many Asian grocery stores across Sydney.


Our Frozen Condensed Pho Broth

In modern times like these, while most still take pleasure in beautifully home-cooked meals to create treasured memories, time to cook is a luxury many others can’t afford. When it comes to Pho, which involves a 10-hours-minimum simmered broth, home-cooking sounds even more painful. Understanding these concerns, we have gladly introduced our Frozen Condensed Pho Broth to take a whole lot of kitchen duties off your shoulder.

With this super-convenient-and-tasty-all-rolled-into-one Condensed Pho Broth, which has been slow-simmered for over 10 hours before being carefully packed and snap-frozen, you can be confident to impress your house guests, loved ones and significant others on any special occasion without even breaking a sweat! Work your own home-cooking magic by adding rice noodles and your own choice of meat and herbs to prepare 4 bowls of restaurant-quality Pho in just 10 minutes. How’s that sound now?


We aim to deliver our fresh and tasty Pho in the most convenient way possible to your home. Carefully loaded in each of our Family Pho Pack is everything you need to cook and serve delicious restaurant-quality Pho for your four-member family in less than 15 minutes with the most affordable price.

So, what’s included in our Family Pho Pack?

  • Our famous Condensed Pho Broth,

  • Cooked and sliced beef brisket and beef balls,

  • Rice noodles,

  • Bean sprouts 

  • Ready cut onion and shallots.

Our online supermarket partners: EBest  delivery to most places in Sydney. (Note: eBest is currently in Chinese only, an English version will be available soon.)

Please visit: 


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If you’re running a restaurant, currently serving Pho or planning to have Pho in your menu, you’re in good hands. Having spent much time and effort in creating our deliciously slow-simmered bone marrow broth, we would love to share our version of Pho with you to make this meal available in every corner of the world. Let us carry away 95% of your burden from the lengthy preparations for this specific dish. By having us supply you with our ready-made Frozen Condensed Pho Broth, you are enjoying valuable benefits, including:

  • One of the HIGHEST-QUALITY Pho broth in Australia,

  • LONGER PRESERVATION of the broth (being frozen, it can last for 12 months!),

  • MORE STORAGE for your other stuff (being condensed, it spares you over 65% of storage space!),

  • LESS EXPENSES to be spent on the ingredients, staffing, utilities,

  • MORE TIME to focus on running your restaurant and perfecting your service!


Let’s not forget, good food tastes better when shared!

Contact US now for a sample. 

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